Modern lamps and lanterns are not only for lighting functions, but more and more designs and concepts are used, making the process of using lamps more practical and interesting.

And it is with this endless exploration that the designer breaks the definition of lamps again and again.

Below I will share 8 best creative lighting designs, let’s take a look!

01 Magnetic Modular Luminaires

Design: Antoine Gauthier, Maxime Bourgault, and Timothé Duchastel-Paré

Emett offers a refreshing modular system of replaceable parts and a versatile light system, with aluminum bases and heads manufactured using a 3D printer, and a light structure that allows users to attach one or more heads to the light body.

Magnetic Modular Luminaires

02 Combination of flower pots and Lightings

Design: Jackie Luo, Wilfried Buelacher (of JWdesign) for Lampenwelt

Combining indoor plants and lighting accessories, this light fixture can be hung by itself as a pendant or used as a floor lamp. Small flower pots can be placed in the center of the light ring, or not used at all.

03 Bluetooth lamps

Design: Max Gunawan of Lumio

Teno uses a cracked case, gently splits it in two, and as the crack widens, you’ll see the light underneath come on, shining through the crack…but the Teno isn’t just a light, it’s a bluetooth speaker!

Bluetooth lamps

04 Soundproof chandelier

Design: Stephen Burks

This pendant light helps to improve the acoustics of the space, it is made of three sound-absorbing panels fastened to cylindrical rods, the sound-absorbing panels for each bulb are available in six different sizes and are upholstered in knitted flame retardant fabrics, And fan out from the central bar at a 120-degree angle.

Stephen Burks

05 3D printed desk lamp

Design: Sam Gwilt for Gantri

The lamp is 3D-printed using a special plant-based polymer (GPP). Although the lamp body is entirely made of hard plastic, its curtain-like shape, combined with the material’s inherent translucency, makes it look less industrial. Softer and more attractive.

06 Lighting equipment that mimics the flow of light itself

Design: Alex Josephson of PARTISANS

These lighting designs seem more like sculptural masterpieces. The light fixtures manage to capture the flow and dynamic movement of light, exuding an ethereal, otherworldly appeal. Lighting fixtures can be used as decorations, centerpieces or dividers.

Lighting equipment that mimics the flow of light itself

07 Clock Wall Light

Design: ADD Architecture Studio

The Reverse Sunclock illuminates the room while also indicating the lighting time. Its design features a rotating disc with a six-segment lighting unit on one half of it.

 Clock Wall Light

08 Photocatalytic floor lamp

Design: Kevin Chu

Foglia’s design looks like a giant fern growing from the floor. Foglia features multiple lighting panels that use light to purify the air, have a unique look and work like leaves, kill bacteria and break down toxic and odor-carrying molecules, just like sunlight naturally produces.

08 Photocatalytic floor lamp

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Do you have a favorite style of the lamps introduced above? Welcome to leave a message to me~

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