How to choose the living room pendant light?

In home decoration, chandeliers play an important decorative role. The living room is the longest place to stay in addition to the bedroom, so the choice of the living room chandelier is very important. Everyone can choose the type of chandelier they like according to their own preferences, character and decoration style.

When choosing a chandelier, the height of the room and the indoor environment should be considered. The thickness of the chandelier should be less than one-third of the maximum diameter of the chandelier. It is more appropriate when the ratio of the clear height of the chandelier cover from the top to the thickness of the chandelier is 1.

According to the size of the house, choose the appropriate chandelier; according to the height of the house, choose the appropriate chandelier. Make sure that the lowest point from the ground to the chandelier is 2.2 meters high.

According to the decoration style of the house, choose the chandelier that suits the style. If the decoration style of the house is European style, choose the chandelier of the corresponding style.

When buying chandeliers, it is best to buy chandeliers that can be installed with energy-saving light sources or come with them. Also, try not to choose chandeliers with electroplating layers. The chandeliers decorated with electroplating layers are easy to oxidize and fall off in daily use, which affects the appearance of the product.

Maintenance and cleaning of chandeliers Generally, more beautiful chandeliers usually have more complicated shapes and lampshades. If they are humid and dusty, the lamps are often prone to rust and paint peeling, and the lampshades will become increasingly dim due to dust. It is best not to wash the lamps with water, and do not wipe them with a damp cloth immediately after turning on the lamps, because the bulbs are easy to burst when exposed to high temperature water.

There are many styles of chandeliers, and there are many ways to choose chandeliers. No matter how you choose, the final purpose is the best combination of lighting and beauty.

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