Look at the color of the light. When choosing, first look at the color of the light. Many people think that the white light is better, but it is not. The yellowish and softer light is more suitable for the eyes.

Look at the appearance quality, you can see the appearance quality of the table lamp, the ideal light source is close to natural light and no stroboscopic, uniform illumination, etc., for the table lamp that is too rough in appearance, it is likely to be inferior materials and inferior lamps.

Look at the color temperature value. The color temperature value of the lamp determines whether the light is soft or not. Of course, it will not work if it is too low or too high. Generally, the color temperature value between 4500K and 5200K is more suitable for students and people over 18 years old, while the table lamp with color temperature value between 4000K and 4500K is more suitable for children, because its light is more reddish and more suitable for children. of softness.

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