Give Your Ceilings That Industrial Look With a Pendant Lamp Industrial

Whether you live in a converted warehouse or simply love to see the industrial style in your home, you can give your ceilings that rugged look with a Lonzodesign pendant lamp. These lights, also known as drop lights or suspenders, hang a single light bulb from the ceiling on chains or ropes. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, from solitary lone pendants to multiples hung over kitchen islands or dine-in tables. They also come in many different materials, from metal to glass or concrete and plastic.

Unlike chandeliers, which feature multiple bulbs and often have more complex designs, pendants include only one bulb and are usually simpler in design. This does not mean, however, that they lack character or beauty. Many pendants are sleek and modern, with simple shapes and minimal ornamentation, but others rely on the material to make their mark. For example, concrete pendants feature a rough aesthetic and can complement a range of interior styles from urban to country to coastal.

Pendant lights are a great option for creating a focal point in any room, and they come in a variety of designs. Some use clear retro glass to showcase the vintage Edison bulbs, while others have the bulbs caged in curved metals or encased within decorative repurposed objects. Some even use the bare bulb itself to evoke a sense of industrial history and reminiscence.

Aside from the obvious difference in number of bulbs, the biggest difference between a pendant and a chandelier is their structure. While chandeliers often have elaborate engineering in their structures, pendants rely on a symmetrical arrangement of shades to redirect and diffuse light. This is illustrated by the PH Snowball and Artichoke lamps, where Henningsen used shade sizes in a geometric sequence to create different levels of light distribution. Modern iterations such as Marset’s Moodable and Forestier continue this arithmetic pattern by combining multiple shades with varying sizes to achieve intriguing compositions.

For smaller spaces, a wall sconce or table lamp may be more suitable. For example, perforated steel rings support five bands of handspun aluminum to create a rich diffusion of light in Alvar Aalto’s Beehive pendant light, while the CP-1 wall sconce by Charlotte Perriand uses sheet-metal plates to direct and focus lighting on a specific area.

For larger areas, a kitchen island pendant or billiard pendant can be the perfect way to illuminate an entire space while adding a focal point. In addition to their functional role, these lights often serve as an important design element in their own right, thanks to their bold, unfussy forms. Industrial lighting is a popular style that pays homage to the utilitarian nature of factory and warehouse lighting by featuring unfinished or distressed materials. In addition to these rough finishes, industrial fixtures can incorporate elements such as exposed bulbs and bare wires. This design trend translates to a clean, minimalist feel that pairs well with other popular interior styles, including midcentury modern and contemporary.

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