Here’s a breakdown of the most popular No main light fixture designs for 2022. The design of no main lights is a relatively popular design scheme recently. It says goodbye to traditional lighting fixtures to ensure “when you see the light, you don’t see the light”.

The design principle of the mainless light is to highlight the texture. Today I’m going to summarize the main points to pay attention to when designing a masterless light fixture. Let’s enjoy it!

No main light Designs

01 What is the No main light design?

No main light corresponds to the traditional main light lighting pattern. Main lighting means that every interior space will be illuminated by pendant lights or chandeliers in the living room. The design concept without the main light will look more layered. The interior space is not easy to look dull, which will make the interior space look beautiful and generous.

No main light Designs

02 Reasonable layout of lighting effects

When installing lights, be sure to pay attention to the distance between the lights and the ground. For example, if a Trail Spot is used as lighting for a TV backdrop, the Trail Spot must illuminate the wall. The optimal distance is 40-60 cm. If the ceiling light is used for key lighting, and multiple light fixtures are connected in parallel, the optimal distance between the light fixtures is 20-40cm.

Matching of multiple lamps is simple and can be done using multiple lamps. You can integrate different functions into the layout. This can not only meet the daily lighting requirements, but also feel that the lamps are too simple.

No main light

03 Choose LED color temperature

Generally speaking, the effect of LED color temperature structure is different. Warm light gives a warm feeling, sunlight is more comfortable, and white light is more rational. In general, it is recommended to choose sunlight and warm light, or choose according to the actual situation.

No main light

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