How to arrange the sofa background wall in the living room?

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people pay more attention to the improvement of home living standards. Many people are more and more dissatisfied with the large white wall behind the sofa. In fact, with my decades of attention to decoration and decoration, I think how to decorate the sofa background wall and how to decorate it? This mainly depends on the overall style of house decoration. If you are decorating in a simple style, in fact, by adopting simple decoration methods, you can get more and more exciting life experiences and tastes, such as decorative paintings with flowers and plants.

In fact, the larger the white wall behind the undecorated sofa, the more the family can give full play to their imagination. The family can decorate it as they please, and they can also replace it with new decorations at any time. It is simple, convenient and immediate.

From another point of view, if the living room TV background wall is luxuriously decorated, the sofa background wall in the living room is also over-decorated, making it irrelevant. If the decoration of the living room TV background wall is relatively simple, but the living room sofa background wall is too complicated, it will appear overwhelming. Therefore, the decoration of the sofa background wall in the living room should be based on the TV background wall and the sofa background wall as a supplementary decoration principle to decorate or decorate the sofa background wall.

Here are a few common methods for sofa background wall decoration:

First, suppose that fabric sofas and log furniture are the protagonists, and the sofa background wall discards unnecessary decorations. With the help of brightly colored decorative paintings, partition racks or unique wall painting effects, the wall can become Enriched to bring out the master’s extraordinary artistry.

Second, plaster frame decoration. Plaster frame modeling is more common in European and American decoration styles, and looks very luxurious.

The background wall is modeled with plaster line. Its biggest feature is diverse shapes and strong customization. It is usually decorated with ceilings and lamps and has a strong integrity.

Plaster line is very versatile, usually used as the frame of marble background wall, or matched with wallpaper, wood, latex paint, etc., no matter what style to create, it can be made with plaster line, simple and versatile, and the cost is very low, no wonder The plaster line sofa background wall is more and more popular with owners.

Third, the wall panel decoration looks very high-end, and it can also protect the wall, which is beautiful and practical.

The wall panels have neat lines and simple shapes, which can not only meet the needs of living room storage, but also play a decorative role and enhance the sense of space.

The sofa wall of European style, American style, etc. is also very high-end if the whole sofa wall or the wall panel is installed at the foot of the wall. It can also protect the wall, which is beautiful and practical.

Although its design is simple, it is not as tedious as we thought. Nowadays, wall panels can have diversified choices in materials, shapes, sizes and combinations. The lines are simple and lighter, and the cleaning is also very convenient.

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