December 12, 2019
December 12, 2019

Street Light

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Best Solar Street Light Manufacturer

Zhenjiang Licho Technology Co., Limited is a leading solar street light manufacturer in China. The company is located in Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu. Licho technology focuses on manufacturing high-quality LED lights used for various purposes.

We produce different lights including LED energy-saving lamps; LED filament bulb, LED strip light, LED panel light, LED fluorescent tube, LED ceiling and down light and Outdoor Lighting. Please visit the “Our Products” tab to know more.

Our LED Street Light are manufactured to revolutionize illumination of streets and common zones. They consume 15 percent less electricity in comparison to incandescent lights. These lights have a better life and light quality compared to High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps.

Switching to LED street light is a wise decision, as HID lights are inefficient and expensive too. By delivering exquisite services, our street light manufacturer are ruling in the market. This has given us a hike in demand for LED street light supplier across China. Because of increasing demand, we have also grown multifold which is quite natural. However, with the rising demand for LED Street light supplier, the frauds are also entering the market. So, being conscious is essential while buying street light.

Top Solar Street Light Supplier in China

Our street light serve many advantages. Street light will sit outside and therefore would expose to elements. So, the innards of your light must be appropriately protected against dust and moisture. The protection is described normally using a rating system named as IP Code or the Ingress Protection code. We provide the best water and dustproof lights. If you are close to coastal areas, our lights automatically consider if the lighting is safe against the corrosive salty sea winds.

Also, thermal management is also there in our lights. Our LED can last more than 30,000 hours at the rated temperature or say from 10 years to less than two years, if used at a higher temperature. It’s crucial to pick our LED Street light manufacturer that provides you the best thermal management. This can ensure the full life of your LED Light requirement.

So, if you are looking for a reliable LED street light supplier in China, come to us.

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