December 12, 2019
December 12, 2019

LED Tubes

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 LED Tube Manufacturer in China

Zhenjiang Licho Technology Co., Limited is a Leading LED tube manufacturer in china that specializes in long life and energy-efficient products like Led Panel light for industrial, commercial, and residential light applications. The company is based in Zhenjiang city, Jiangsu, China. Leveraging the targeted LED lights market with technical expertise and support, Licho Technology is committed to provide sustainable, high-quality, lighting solutions to the world.

Lich Technologies LED tube manufacturer feature easier retrofit, higher reliability, and high color rendering index, higher efficacy, low power consumption, and maintenance-free operation. It lasts much longer compared to conventional fluorescent lighting. We use high-quality LED light source, aluminum heat sinks, constant current drivers, and lampshades. We use materials that allow our lights an efficiency that exceeds other brands in the marketplace.

Our LED tubes use 60 percent less energy and have a lifespan of more than 3-4 times longer than an equivalent fluorescent lamp. No flickering, instant-on, and no buzz. They are perfect for your applications with frequent “on/off” switching cycles, without affecting their lifespan ─ unlike the conventional fluorescent and incandescent lights.

 Best LED Tube Manufacturer

LED tube manufacturer are the bulbs that are manufactured in order to provide better fluorescent tubes experience that are a familiar fixture primarily in kitchens around the country. These tubes are far more efficient than those that they are replacing.

It is worth mentioning the span of these new LED tubes. Even though the fluorescent bulbs that they are replacing did last for some time, it has been figured out that the new versions are able to last for around 40,000 hours before they require replacement. Lifespan in hours applies no matter the size of the bulb and it does represent value for money when the bulb does not have too much cost or money to begin with.

We are committed to offer modern and state-of-the-art LED lighting technologies through our innovatively designed, quality engineered, and flawlessly tested LED lights. We are motivated to deliver superior lighting products and outstanding customer service based on a thorough understanding of the customer demands along with the development of innovative technologies. We take pride in our products, services, and the way we conduct our business.

So, if you need a reliable LED tube manufacturer, contact us.

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