Why Christmas is on December 25

why christmas is on december 25

For those of us who are Christians, Christmas is a special day to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. It is one of the most popular holiday celebrated in the world, and there are many different traditions associated with it. One of the most common is the gift giving aspect of it. People often give gifts to their friends and family to show them how much they care for them. Another tradition is the tree decorating aspect of it. Often, a pine or fir tree is decorated with lights and ornaments to make the house look festive. Then there are the Christmas songs and carols that are often sung. There are many classics, such as the song “Jingle Bells” or the story of the “The Little Drummer Boy”.

The reason Christmas is on december 25 is because it was the date chosen by the Roman Emperor Constantine I in 336 AD. It was the first time the date was ever used to celebrate Christianity and not a pagan holiday, but it is not clear why that particular date was chosen.

There are some who believe that the date was chosen because it was the anniversary of a feast for Sol Invictus, a Roman sun god. It is also the same date as the Saturnalia, a festival that took place over several days where people would feast and exchange gifts. There is also the theory that the Christian church wanted to link Jesus’ birth with this rebirth of the sun.

Other people believe that the day was chosen because it was the date of the Annunciation, when Mary was told she would be having a baby. This was a very important event for the early church, and they wanted to make sure to mark it appropriately. There are also those who believe that the date was chosen because it is nine months after March 25, when the spring equinox occurs.

No matter which of the theories about why Christmas is on december 25 you favor, there is no denying that it is a very special holiday. It is a wonderful time to spend with family and loved ones, and it is a good way to spread joy and cheer to those around you. So enjoy your Christmas, and remember why you celebrate it!

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