How to Create a Modern 70s Style House

modern 70s style house

The 70s was a time when interior design was very much about thinking outside the box. There were plenty of unique and quirky details that are now enjoying a renaissance. From bright ceramics to earth-inspired textures, you can bring a little of this era into your home.

In addition to its vibrant color schemes, the 1970s were also known for their bold patterns and psychedelic florals. These patterns can be mixed and matched to create an eclectic look. And for the ultimate in seventies chic, consider using items such as hanging chairs and bright ceramics.

Some of the best 1970s-style homes were ramblers and ranches. They featured high ceilings, large windows, and open plans. They also included plenty of mid-century modern elements. One of the most iconic houses was Philip Johnson’s Glass House.

This home is a testament to the laid back and bohemian spirit of the 70s. You can replicate this feeling by adding a rattan egg chair or hanging a macrame wall hanging. A macrame design is made by hand, and you can find it on Etsy and other retailers.

Another popular trend of the ’70s was maximalism. Mixing wallpaper with bold patterns can create a unique, eclectic look. Stacks of vases or wicker or rattan furniture add an element of hippie appeal. Using bright colors, such as burnt orange and mustard yellow, helps to energize a space.

Another big trend was terrazzo. Terrazzo is a building material that was very popular in the 70s. It’s a mixture of chipped materials, and is often used in countertops. When you use a terrazzo finish on a countertop, it creates an interesting contrast between the natural and man-made.

If you want to add a ’70s touch to your space, look for rattan or wicker furniture. Both can be found online or at thrift stores. Alternatively, opt for retro lighting. Lights with a sleek, glossy finish are perfect for the style.

’70s-style lighting can be subtle or a bold statement. You can try a terra-cotta red color scheme with a ripe avocado green. However, avoid using bright, saturated colors. Rather, choose a complementary color, like mustard yellow, and err on the side of earth tones.

You can also add a ’70s vibe to your space by selecting rattan, patterned wallpaper, or a groovy accent wall. Rattan furniture can be comfortable yet stylish. Hanging rattan swings on your porch can also give you a 70s-style vibe.

Many homes from the 70s were split levels. In fact, some basement rec rooms were even covered in faux wood paneling. While the look was playful, it also sometimes came with a bit of a danger. For example, if your basement rec room was sunken, you might not have thought about making it safe. But with a little finesse, you could make it feel cozy.

Lastly, don’t forget to incorporate your own personal taste. ’70s-style lighting is a great way to add a touch of retro flair to any space. ’70s-inspired lamps and pendants are a fun way to bring a touch of the era into your home.

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