Choosing the Right Material for a Hanging Lamp

hanging lamp

A hanging lamp can add a dramatic touch to any room. Choosing the right material to create your lighting fixture can make a big impact. You have a variety of options to choose from, such as hand woven wicker, natural rattan, steel, and ceramic. Let’s take a closer look at some of these materials.

Hand woven wicker

This hand woven wicker hanging lamp is a great choice for any space. Made from natural wicker, each lamp is handwoven and has a unique design. As such, each lamp may vary slightly in shape, color, and wave.

Natural rattan

If you’re looking for a unique hanging lamp that will add natural warmth to your room, consider a hanging lamp crafted from natural rattan. The natural rattan in these unique lamps is handwoven to give them an organic shape. As such, each one is unique and will vary in color, shape, and wave. These hanging lamps are suitable for both contemporary and classic decors.


A steel hanging lamp is a great choice for illuminating your home. Its adjustable height and beam angle let you precisely illuminate any surface. Its design is also aesthetically pleasing and won’t blind you. Its blue steel finish gives it a sophisticated and contemporary look.


A glass hanging lamp is one of the most popular types of lighting. The conical shape of a hanging lamp creates a ray of light that is both elegant and aesthetically pleasing. During the Byzantine era, glass hanging lamps were the most common form of lighting for churches and mosques.


This rattan hanging lamp can light up your room in a variety of ways. The unique shape and condensed shape of this lamp make it an ideal choice for a dining room. The pendant also comes in three sizes, one of which has a glass shade inside. And if you want to give your room a Scandi-chic feel, the Swirling Rattan Pendant will do the trick.

Rattan rattan

Rattan hanging lamps have a rich history in home decor. These stylish light fixtures can be found in many different styles. You can install a large one above the kitchen table, or a small, simple black rattan hanging lamp in your entryway.


A copper hanging lamp can add a classic look to your home. Made of steel and copper, these lamps can be used to light up a dining area, living room, or bedroom.


The Melrose International Iron Hanging Light Fixture comes in an ornate iron frame with an antique silver finish. It features an adjustable hanging length. It can be hard wired or plugged in. It is made of high quality iron metal composition. For proper installation, contact a professional.


A wooden hanging lamp adds a unique style and warmth to your home. Its natural shade evenly distributes light, creating a soft glow. Its simplicity and versatility make it a great choice for any room.

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