LED Flood Light
December 12, 2019
December 12, 2019


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1-Ultra-thin design and the shape is unique.
2-Alu die casting material and high-tech spraying technology, never rust, never corrosion.
3-Using new technology to ensure the integrity of the fixture is good, reliable sealing, waterproof.
4-Heat dissipation quickly, long life.

Item No. Power Voltage Lumen LED Type IP Material Size(L*W*H)
LQ1042 50W 85-265V 4500lm SMD3030 IP66 Aluminium 228x192x56mm
LQ1042 100W 85-265V 9000lm SMD3030 IP66 Aluminium 288x243x62mm
LQ1042 150W 85-265V 13500lm SMD3030 IP66 Aluminium 350x284x75mm
LQ1042 200W 85-265V 18000lm SMD3030 IP66 Aluminium 423x323x80mm
LQ1042 300W 85-265V 27000lm SMD3030 IP66 Aluminium 460x375x85mm
LQ1042 400W 85-265V 36000lm SMD3030 IP66 Aluminium 583x378x95mm
LQ1042 480W 85-265V 43200lm SMD3030 IP66 Aluminium
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