December 12, 2019
December 12, 2019

LQ-034-C35C37C35TC37 Pipe

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1-LED Bulb low heat, low thermal resistance, steady lighting, high brightness and CRI;
2-Body with excellent thermal managing design;
3-Ultra energy efficient, easy installation;
4-Anti-shock, anti-moisture, no RF interference;
5-Longevity of service and minimal maintenance;
6-Energy-saving, environment friendly, and save 80% of energy compared with incandescent bulb.

Item No. Power Voltage Beam Angle Base Size(D*H)
LQ-034-C35 2W AC100-265V 240° E14/E27 φ35*93mm
LQ-034-C35 5W AC100-265V 240° E14/E27 φ35*103mm
LQ-034-C37 3/4/5/6W AC100-265V 240° E14/E27 φ37*99mm
LQ-034-C37 4/5/6W AC100-265V 270° E14/E27 φ37*106mm
LQ-034-C37 6W AC100-265V 240° E14/E27 φ37*110mm
LQ-034-C37 7W AC100-265V 240° E14/E27 φ37*114mm
LQ-034-C35T 3/4/5/6W AC100-265V 240° E14/E27 φ35*125mm
LQ-034-C35T 6W AC100-265V 240° E14/E27 φ35*127mm
LQ-034-C35T 7W AC100-265V 240° E14/E27 φ35*132mm
LQ-034-C37-Pipe 4/5/6W AC100-265V 220° E14/E27 φ37*102mm
LQ-034-C37-Pipe 4/5/6W AC100-265V 220° E14/E27 φ37*106mm
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