December 12, 2019
December 12, 2019




1-Low-power consumption, long life time;
2-Even Lighting, non-halation, comfortable light;
3-Cold light source, no UV, no heat radiation;
4-Harder texture, light weight and better heat dispersion;
5-Holder option: E27, G23, G24 (2 pins/ 4 pins);
6-Safe and easy to install;
7-Super brightness SMD LED;
8-Beam angle is flexible and largely to 180° or 360°.

Item No. Power LED Type LEDs Material Base Size(D*H)
LQ-020-PLA 5W SMD5050/2835 25PCS Alu.+PC G24/E27 φ35*124mm/φ35*129mm
LQ-020-PLA 7W SMD5050/2835 35PCS Alu.+PC G24/E27 φ35*124mm/φ35*129mm
LQ-020-PLA 8W SMD5050/2835 40PCS Alu.+PC G24/E27 φ35*147mm/φ35*152mm
LQ-020-PLA 9W SMD5050/2835 44PCS Alu.+PC G24/E27 φ35*147mm/φ35*152mm
LQ-020-PLA 10W SMD5050/2835 50PCS Alu.+PC G24/E27 φ35*152mm/φ35*157mm
LQ-020-PLA 11W SMD5050/2835 52PCS Alu.+PC G24/E27 φ35*164mm/φ35*169mm
LQ-020-PLA 12W SMD5050/2835 60PCS Alu.+PC G24/E27 φ35*164mm/φ35*169mm
LQ-020-PLA 13W SMD5050/2835 64PCS Alu.+PC G24/E27 φ35*195mm/φ35*200mm
LQ-020-PLB 8W SMD3014 68PCS Alu.+PC G24/E27 φ45*155mm/φ45*165mm
LQ-020-PLB 10W SMD3014 84PCS Alu.+PC G24/E27 φ45*166mm/φ45*176mm
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