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December 12, 2019
December 12, 2019




1-Aluminum with high conductivity, with long-life fan and high quality driver, it can withstand high temperature;
2-High brightness, small volume, light weight, replace conventional CFL, HPS, MH, etc;
3-High power, high efficiency, low energy consumption;
4-Constant current; protection of over-current, over-voltage and high temperature;
5-Using high quality aluminum alloy and pc cover, excellent structure design fit for dissipation; not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements;
6-Using light transmission rate of 90% or more of the cover, uniform beam angle, no glare, high brightness, high luminous efficiency;
7-Compared to incandescent lamp, it saves energy more than 80% and saves 50% energy than fluorescent lamp.

Item No. Power LED Type LEDs Material Base Size(D*H)
LQ-019-YMA 27W SMD5730 81PCS Alu.+PC E40 φ93*196mm
LQ-019-YMA 36W SMD5730 108PCS Alu.+PC E40 φ93*221mm
LQ-019-YMA 45W SMD5730 135PCS Alu.+PC E40 φ93*246mm
LQ-019-YMA 54W SMD5730 162PCS Alu.+PC E40 φ93*271mm
LQ-019-YMA 80W SMD5730 240PCS Alu.+PC+Fan E40 φ120*314mm
LQ-019-YMA 100W SMD5730 288PCS Alu.+PC+Fan E40 φ120*334mm
LQ-019-YMB 80W SMD5630 250PCS Alu.+PC E39 φ130*295mm
LQ-019-YMB 100W SMD5630 288PCS Alu.+PC E39 φ130*325mm
LQ-019-YMB 125W SMD5630 336PCS Alu.+PC E39 φ130*359mm
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